A bit about me!

My name is Niamh. I'm a watercolor artist that loves painting watercolor galaxies! My background in physics and love of science inspires me to paint the world (and beyond!) as I see it. I love looking at photos from space and using them as inspiration for my watercolor paintings!

My Painting Journey

I started painting every day two years ago, and found that it was a great way to explore my creative side and learn a new skill! Now, I don't paint every day, but I still find it's extremely rewarding to paint as often as I can.

My Inspirations

Some of my artist inspirations include Frank Clarke, Angela Fehr, Jean Haines and Johannes Vloothuis, just to name a few artists whom I really admire! They made me feel like I could become a talented watercolor artist, at any stage of life or background!


  • Sharing my knowledge of watercolor painting with my fellow emerging artists


  • Growing a community of watercolor artists that support one another in their learning!


  • Art and science
  • Sharing Creativity!

Thanks for showing interest in my watercolors!