Shattered Glass Painting on Black Paper

Create the illusion of broken glass by following along with our shattered glass painting tutorial! Using Stonehenge black paper and white gouache mixed with watercolors, create a high contrast painting with ease.

Shattered glass painting using black watercolor paper and white gouache paint

(Shattered glass painting on Stonehenge black watercolor paper using white watercolor paint and white watercolor pencil)

Shattered Glass Reference Photo

I found a great reference photo on pngtree to use as a guide for drawing my lines. Check out the image below!

Reference photo of shattered glass taken from Unsplash

(Photo that inspired this glass drawing on black paper is from a broken glass phone background from pngtree)

Remember to use royalty-free images as reference photos, to avoid copyright infringement if you decide to showcase or sell your artwork!

The First Step: Drawing broken glass on black paper

Start by sketching out your shattered glass with a white watercolor pencil on black Stonehenge paper. Optionally, you can tape down your paper.

Drawing shattered glass using white watercolor pencil on black paper

(Outline the shattered glass lines using a white watercolor pencil)

Trace with White Gouache Paint

Using a fine tip watercolor brush, like a thin liner brush or round brush, outline your watercolor pencil lines with a mixture of white gouache and water on the tip of your brush. Remove any excess water with a paper towel.

Paint white gouache paint on the drawn white lines

(Using a liner brush with white gouache mixed with very little water, trace your pencil outline)

After allowing your paint to dry, add another brighter layer to your painting by making a mixture of white gouache paint and less water.

Painting more white paint on the dark blue background in gouache

(Add stronger white gouache layer (add less water) on top of your dried layer)

Cleaning up the Edges

Now that the white highlights are painted, if there are any white lines that are too thick or need to be adjusted, mix dark purple and blue watercolor paints with no white gouache. Applying this paint mixture with a bit of water surrounding those white lines will create cleaner edges, and a glow with less layers. This helps achieve the shattered glass reflections in between white lines.

(The final shattered glass image on black paper)

Above is the final product of this step-by-step watercolor tutorial for black paper!

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